Moroccan Druze and Geode Pairs

Natural Moroccan Druze

ItemMinimum QtyPrice
Size 1 (5-6cm) - Packed in 100 pc cases1 case35.00/case
Size 2 (6-8cm) - Packed in 50 pc cases1 case35.00/case
Size 3 (9-12cm) - Packed in 25 pc cases1 case31.25/case

Natural Moroccan Geode Pairs

ItemMinimum QtyPrice
8 pair case1 case2.50/lb
4 pair case1 case2.50/lb
2 pair case1 case2.50/lb
1 pair case1 case2.50/lb
ItemMinimum QtyPrice
120 pair case1 case1.00/pr
80 pair case1 case1.25/pr
20 pair case1 case4.95/pr


Dyed Moroccan Geode Pairs

Large Dyed Geode Pairs

**Mixed size cases (6-10" diameter, 8-16 lb. avg. range) 4-5 pair per case average.**

ItemMinimum QtyPrice
Mixed Size Case (Choose Color - Purple, Teal or Pink/Red)44 lb case2.50/lb

ItemMinimum QtyPriceVolume LotVolume Price
Black Exterior - 80 pair case
(4 color mixed case)
80 pair case1.50/pr4 cases1.35/pr
Natural Exterior - 100 pair case
(2 color mix with gold/pyrite finish)
100 pair case1.50/pr4 cases1.35/pr