Prices are for lamp only. Cord and bulb sets are sold separately!
Purchase cord and bulb set with lamps for $2.00 per set

Cluster Lamps

ClusterMinimum QtyPriceCase SizeCase Price
Standard Quartz Cluster2 pcs44.00/ea10 pcs42.00/ea
Small Amethyst Cluster2 pcs18.50/ea10 pcs17.50/ea
Standard Amethyst Cluster2 pcs26.50/ea10 pcs25.50/ea

Agate End Lamps

AgateMinimum QtyPriceCase SizeCase Price
Standard "A" Quality - choose color
(Blue, Teal, Purple, Pink, Natural, or Mix)
3 pcs19.00/ea10 pcs16.80/ea
Small "A" Quality
(Sold in 10 pc mix color cases ONLY)
10 pcs14.50/ea20 pcs11.75/ea
Standard "B" Quality
(Sold in 10 pc mix color cases ONLY)
10 pcs14.50/ea20 pcs11.75/ea

Rough Stone Lamps

Rough StoneMinimum QtyPriceCase SizeCase Price
Standard Blue Calcite Mountain3 pcs19.00/ea10 pcs17.00/ea
Small Clear Quartz Mountain4 pcs14.50/ea10 pcs13.25/ea
Standard Clear Quartz Mountain3 pcs19.00/ea10 pcs18.00/ea
Small Rose Quartz Mountain4 pcs14.50/ea10 pcs13.25/ea
Standard Rose Quartz Mountain3 pcs19.00/ea10 pcs18.00/ea

Top Polished Lamps

Top PolishedMinimum QtyPriceCase SizeCase Price
Clear Quartz2 pcs28.00/ea10 pcs26.00/ea
Rose Quartz2 pcs28.00/ea10 pcs26.00/ea

Selenite Lamps

SkyscraperMinimum QtyPriceCase SizeCase Price
Small, 8"3 pcs12.00/ea9 pcs11.00/ea
Medium, 10"2 pcs15.00/ea8 pcs15.00/ea
Large, 12"2 pcs21.50/ea8 pcs20.25/ea
Extra Large, 14"-16"2 pcs30.50/ea6 pcs29.00/ea
XXL, 16"-18"2 pcs39.50/ea6 pcs36.50/ea
Flat TopMinimum QtyPriceCase SizeCase Price
Medium, 10"2 pcs13.50/ea6 pcs12.00/ea
Large, 12"2 pcs15.00/ea6 pcs13.25/ea
Assorted Selenite LampsMinimum QtyPriceCase SizeCase Price
10" Lipstick2 pcs16.50/ea6 pcs14.75/ea
12" Snowcone2 pcs24.50/ea4 pcs22.00/ea
16" Multi Tower Skyscraper2 pcs42.50/ea8 pcs37.60/ea
6" LED Skyscraper (includes LED cord)25 pcs5.00/ea50 pcs4.40/ea
4" Snowball LED (includes LED cord)16 pcs8.00/ea32 pcs7.20/ea