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Brazilian Amethyst and Citrine
on Metal Base

New Shipment of Amethyst and Citrine
Cathedral Boxes.

Agate Thick Slabs on Metal Base

Brazilian Agate Thin Slabs with Crystal Centers

(all slabs have open crystal centers)

Choose from Blue, Teal, Purple, Pink, or Natural
Lots are a mix of Size 4, 5, and 6
22 lb lot   $ 14.40/lb


Rainbow Amethyst Formations from Uruguay

**Sold in approximate 35 lb cases**

Size 1   1000 - 2000g (9-12 pcs/case)
Reg. Price $ 12.00/lb   *Sale Price $9.00/lb*

Size 2   2000g+ (5-7 pcs/case)
Reg. Price $ 11.00/lb   *Sale Price $ 8.00/lb*


Shungite from Russia

Small    20-40mm    330 lb lot    Reg. price $ 1.35/lb    Sale Price $ 1.10/lb
Medium     40-60mm    330 lb lot    Reg. price $ 1.35/lb    Sale Price $ 1.10/lb
Large    60-100mm        440 lb lot    Reg. price $ 1.30/lb    Sale Price $ 1.04/lb
XL        100-400mm    550 lb lot        Reg. price $ 1.20/lb    Sale Price $ .92/lb